Coffee scrubs are great for the overall health and appearance of skin. The caffeine found in coffee increases blood flow, temporarily reduces the appearance of cellulite and gives skin a more even tone. Its exfoliating and anti-inflammatory properties improve circulation and smooth skin. Combined with the hydrating humectant properties of sugar and its Glycolic Acid content mean skin is left radiant and healthy. Our scrub also adds coconut oil for its ability to deeply moisturize and help increase collagen production.


Coffee, Sugar, Coconut oil, Vanilla bean fiber, Cinnamon, Vanilla- This scrub has a deliciously robust, dark roast scent that will leave skin feeling like silk.


For best results, after your normal cleansing routine, step out of the running water and apply to skin in a circular motion. When done rinse off excess oil (no need to use soap) and towel dry. Use caution as oil residue can cause slippery surfaces.

Coffee Scrub

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  • Brown Sugar, Coffee, Coconut Oil, Vanilla Bean Fiber, Cinnamon, Vanilla Essential Oil

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